Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Always keep your CREDIT CARD in sight, when you give it for swiping..... ....
The accused (left) used a card-reader (right) to transfer the data
on to a PC for making a duplicate credit card
They Would Make Duplicates Of Credit Cards Used By Customers At A Juhu Hotel

Mumbai: The next time you decide to use your credit card on a shopping trip, think again.. The Mumbai police have busted a hitech credit card fraud which they believe is the crime of the future.
Four gadget-savvy youngsters from Andheri, two of them software engineers, got together to earn a quick buck and ended up ripping off over Rs 3 lakh of citizens' money. The foursome were arrested by the Juhu police on Tuesday. Interestingly, one of the boys was all set to leave for the UnitedState s for a job in a wellplaced computer firm ..
According to the police, the mastermind of the gang is 19-year-old Leo Paul . A second-year engineering student at a Bandra college, Paul had read about a magnetic card-reading device which could store data once you swipe a card through it. Data from at least 12 such cards could be stored at a time. Paul realised that if credit cards were swiped though the machine, the personal data of a customer stored on it could be accessed. He then teamed with Akash Kamble , a 19-year-old Lokhandwala resident, and ordered the card-reader from USA , using the Internet, since it's not available in India ..
'The boys befriended a waiter at Kings International hotel at Juhu to take their plan ahead. Every time someone ate a meal in the hotel and paid by credit card, the waiter would discreetly swipe it through the magnetic card-reader, which is no more than 6-inches long and can be stored in the pocket,'' said investigating officer Ramesh Nangare.
Once the waiter was done, he would hand over the device to Paul who would download the data from the cards on to Kamble's personal computer. The duo would then feed the data into blank cards, available in the grey market. The cards were now ready to be used in Shopping malls and theatres, or to withdraw money from an ATM.
Senior inspector Pradeep S hinde said that the boys forged information from more than 22 cards in this manner. The fraud came to light after officials from HSBC bank complained to the police. The cops quizzed customers whose cards had been duplicated and discovered they had all visited Hotel Kings International and paid by credit card. Investigators then caught the waiter who led them to the four youngsters. Paul , Kamble and the two other collegians identified as Manoj Chauhan (24) and Mahesh Valani (20), have been remanded to police custody.
A portable magnetic cardreader can store data from around a dozen cards tha t have been swiped through it; made in China, the device was bought on the net for Rs 18,000.
The card-reader is connected to a computer and the entire data is transferred there.
The data is then stored in blank cards available in the grey market..
These duplicate cards can now be used to buy a fortune and also withdraw money from ATMs.

Amazing pictures and 1 minute for God

Amazing pictures and 1 minute for God


God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work In your favor.

Scary Roads


Can go up to 15-24 Hours on rainy day.

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Love your Life, Live it Happily

Food As Medicine

Eat plenty of fish -- fish oil helps prevent headaches.
So does ginger, which reduces inflammation and pain.

Eat lots of yogurt before pollen season.
Also-eat honey from your area (local region) daily.

Prevent build-up of fatty deposits on artery walls with regular doses of tea.
(actually, tea suppresses appetite and keeps the pounds from invading....Green tea is great for our immune system)!

Use honey as a tranquilizer and sedative.

Eating onions helps ease constriction of bronchial tubes.
(onion packs place on chest helped the respiratory ailments and actually made breathing better).

Salmon, tuna, mackerel and sardines actually prevent arthritis.
(fish has omega oils, good for our immune system)

Bananas will settle an upset stomach.
Ginger will cure morning sickness and nausea.

High-acid cranberry juice controls harmful bacteria.

Bone fractures and osteoporosis can be prevented by the manganese in pineapple.

Oysters help improve your mental functioning by supplying much-needed zinc.

Clear up that stuffy head with garlic.
(remember, garlic lowers cholesterol, too.)

A substance similar to that found in the cough syrups is found in hot red pepper. Use red (cayenne) pepper with caution-it can irritate your tummy.

EAT Wheat, bran and cabbage
Helps to maintain estrogen at healthy levels.

A good antidote is beta carotene, a form of Vitamin A found in dark green and orange vegetables.

Cabbage contains chemicals that help heal both gastric and duodenal ulcers.

Grate an apple with its skin, let it turn brown and eat it to cure this condition.
(Bananas are good for this ailment)

Mono unsaturated fat in avocados lowers cholesterol.

Olive oil has been shown to lower blood pressure.
Celery contains a chemical that lowers pressure too.

The chromium in broccoli and peanuts helps regulate insulin and blood sugar.

Tiny but mighty. This is a good source of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin E & fibre. It's Vitamin C content is twice that of an orange.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Although an apple has a low Vitamin C content, it has antioxidants & flavonoids which enhances the activity of Vitamin C thereby helping to lower the risks of colon cancer, heart attack & stroke..

Protective fruit. Strawberries have the highest total antioxidant power among major fruits & protects the body from cancer causing, blood vessels clogging free radicals. (Actually, any berry is good for you..they're high in anti-oxidants and they actually keep us young..........blueberries are the best and very versatile in the health field........they get rid of all the free-radicals that invade our bodies)

Sweetest medicine. Taking 2 - 4 oranges a day may help keep colds away, lower cholesterol, prevent & dissolve kidney stones as well as lessen the risk of colon cancer.

Coolest Thirst Quencher. Composed of 92% water, it is also packed with a giant dose of glutathione which helps boost our immune system.. They are also a key source of lycopene - the cancer fighting oxidant. Other nutrients
Found in watermelon are Vitamin C & Potassium.
(watermelon also has natural substances [natural SPF sources] that keep our skin healthy, protecting our skin from those darn UV rays)

Guava & Papaya:
Top awards for Vitamin C. They are the clear winners for their high Vitamin C content. Guava is also rich in fibre which helps prevent constipation.

is rich in carotene, this is good for your eyes. (also good for gas and indigestion)

are very good as a preventative measure for men, keeps those prostrate problems from invading their bodies......GOOD AS MEDICINE.

Very informative - spread the information

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Google Image Search

What is a Google Image Search?

Is the engine allows the user to search for the desired image.

Google Image Search

There are many reasons why your site disappeared from Google Image Search and everyone is asking why not appear in my pictures Google?

Try now to navigate to Google Image Search and type in the search box the name of your site instead of yourwebsite site:www.yourwebsite.com and look for the number of archived images for your site in Google search engine.

Mostly they will be very few...!!

Does Google hate archiving images in our websites? Is this engine walk without a specific mechanism?

Certainly not ..!!

Now, the question on everyone's mind...

What to do to get Google Image Search in your side?

Well .. I'll tell you .. Because Google is not seeing the photos as we see it, this engine depends on the specific mechanisms and controls must be available on your pages to know that this page contains pictures.

The mechanisms that are required to apply in your website:

* The text Alt (alternative image text)
* Name the file "image name" as car.jpg
* The text surrounding the image
* Title of the page title
* Content of the page
* The full link of the image itself

And I will explain these points in detail:

Alt Text

Alternative image text, which explains why are these the image when you mouse over it and the way of writing its own code as follows:


Be very clear in explaining the meaning of the picture do not use Connectives and traction and pronouns

Only explain the meaning of the image, such as "image car"

File name or image

Do not name the image files such as "pic64.jpg" and "img84.jpg" because it does not indicate any meaning or explanation of the image itself,
Always name the images as its content like a car write it as follows: "car.jpg"

Text surrounding the image

I do not think this point needs to details .. But always don't forget, that if you want to write a particular explanation belongs to the image,write it over the image and under it and do not write something does not fit with the title of the same image at all. May affect the meaning of image
As an example ( Cars Images Mobile Phones)

Title of the page title

When you have a page full of photos of modern cars try to make the page title bonded to the images, As follows:
(Photos of new Toyota vehicles) and put photos of the new Toyota vehicles and do not write ( New Vehicles ) you should be specific.

Always put yourself in the place of the visitor who search for the picture .. and then type a title you're looking for

Page Content

Manage your photos placed in a single page and simply arrange them,
Do not mix between photos like: Vehicles Photos, and Mobile Phones Photos.

The full link of the image itself

What is the difference between these link:
And this link:

You get it?

Select the appropriate link to your Pictures folder, place the pictures in a folder named images or pictures, means that you tell the search engine that this folder contains cars images.

As for the other link...It removes the consideration of the search engine for this folder and sometimes the search engine does not understand its meaning at all.

A final point which is how to tell the search engine that I have pictures this folder or this site that I want you to get them archived or I want you to know that I have pictures I want to get them archived.

Manner as follows:

To make the search engine archive your photos:

* Open robots.txt file located in the main site

* And add this code:

User-agent: Googlebot-Image

# Allow Everything

Allow: / *

By the way .. Google Image Search Engine does not depend on Page Rank of the page than on applying of the previous steps 100%.

Resume Writing Tips

The below mentioned points are the tips you should remember while writing a resume.Resume should be well written to increase the chance of being invited for an interview. The candidate should take effort to create a resulme that will make him stand among other probable candidates, so resume is the professional reflection of individuals who are applying or looking for a job or employment.

When you are writing a resume arrange all the necessary documents, certificates and gather all the important information you need for writing the resume.list all the significant events and data for quick reference. Recall all your career plans for a good resume format.Regardless of the format, all resume contain the same information that should be presented and stated very well to yield positive ரிசல்ட்

Apply for those jobs and positions that would fit on your qualifications and personality. You must first understand what the company is looking for and what you have to offer before you go on with your resume. Identify your significant qualifications that would make you the best candidate for the particular position or job you wish to apply.

Once you know your career path, begin your resume with the Objective Section. Your objective should be based on your career plan and should likewise concede with what the company needs.Establish your objective in such a way that you can convey to the employer that you are just the right candidate they're looking for. Mention the exact position you are applying on the Objective Section to demonstrate clarity.

Some times a separate Summary Section is recommended, This summary should consist of brief paragraph of your important qualities to answer the question why the company should choose you or hire you over other applicants. Place the Summary Section immediately after the Objective. Once you have finished writing your Objective and Summary, then write your experience.

In Experience Section you should begin with your job titles, followed by the company name or vice versa, depending which is more remarkable and must stick to it for consistency. Include all your work-related experience under this section including the internships and voluntary works and services. Better to list your experience in reverse chronological order and write the dates after each work you have done excluding the months unless the job is held for less than a year.

Once your have finished your work experience section mention your education. Licenses and degrees must be put ahead of your trainings and certifications. State your major course and awards but don't include other small commendations unless you just graduate recently. Incase if you havent finished your degree put the expected date of completion .After education section list your affiliations and organizations.mention those are recent and relevant. You can write some of your personal background or interest after the Affiliation Section.Personal Interest, when properly listed demonstrate your versatility. But always write that are somehow relevant on the company or the positioned being applied.

Reference section is the final section of the resume . But name and addresses of your reference must no be listed here. Prepare them in another sheet and present only when being asked by the employer. You can mention as “Reference available upon request” under the Reference Section. So with these usefull tips start writing your resume and apply for the job you are searching.

Tips for Wrting Covering Letter

Since the cover letter is what most hiring managers and HR people read first, your covering letter should make the most impact in the shortest time for the employment opportunities. good drafted covering letter takes less than 10 seconds to make the reader to pick up the phone and call you for a job interview.When your cover letter opens with an attention-grabbing sentence, is error-free and tailored to the needs of the company that's hiring, you will greatly increase the results you get in your job search easily.

In your covering letter Write what is special about you, what can you do for the company you are applying , represent that you are unique in some work. Limit your cover letter to four to five paragraphs. Write some important bullet points to prove your skills. Never try to exceed more than one page. Start smoothly your first sentence is most important to create impact on you.

For example write :

" I am applying for the position of seo consultant, as advertised in Times of India”.

You can mention some points like.

"I've developed new seo methods, which I can share with you, that have produced a 20% gain in market share for my current employer over the past 11 months, producing $1.2 million in revenue.

Finish your cover letter with emphasis on how you can help your prospective employer. And, if possible, include a time when you'll call to discuss their needs. You can write finishing paragraph as

"Now I would like to bring these skills to work for you. I look forward to speaking with you soon about the results you can expect from me, and will call your office next friday at 11:00 Am to answer any questions you may have."

Following all these tips for writing covering letter will help you to get a call from the company you are applying for the job.