Thursday, October 06, 2011


She has loved me from the moment egg and sperm collided Ceased her drinking and her smoking, never to rekindle Played the classics as I lay suspended, embryonic Tried to eat organically, and drank pure mountain water Just said no to drugs that would have eased the pain of childbirth Fed me from her breast and rocked me in my grandma’s rocker Dressed me in the sweetest little clothes you can imagine Pushed me in the tire swing that hung from our old oak tree Read to me from books that had the most delightful pictures Sent me off to school with pigtails tied up in pink ribbons Brought me kittens and a puppy from the local shelter Cooked for me the most delicious meals I’ve ever eaten Kept the house neat as a pin; no, that would be a falsehood --Nature’s not the only mother who abhors a vacuum.